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Re: Eating squirrels

Gray & Fox Squirrel tastes pretty good if cooked right. My mom use to cook them in flour and gravy.

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Re: Eating squirrels

Fried is my top choice.

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Eating squirrels

Maybe it is because I grew up in pretty much as far south east as you can get in the bayous of Louisiana, but I personally think squirrel is one of the best meats I have ever eaten. I personally like to rotissery it after soaking it in hot sauce for a good while. You can also wrap it in bacon, but that part isn't necessary.

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How many tree rats does it

How many tree rats does it take to equal one good tasting elk?

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be careful

Squirrels can be bad for your health:


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lol nice post ex Thumbs up

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Still Hunter wrote:

How many tree rats does it take to equal one good tasting elk?

That will be around 600-700 of them.

I actually ate one of these pine squirrels that are in the hills here and it tasted just like I was eating the bark off of the spruce tree that I had shot it out of. Help!

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Haven't tried one of the gray pine squirrels but I do have a great receipt for squirrel pot pie. Usually boil or fry the squirrel then debone it, throw it in some gravy with veggies. Nothing better. But heed the warning to only kill them after a good cold spell. The fleas are nasty. And what ever you do don't burn the fur off them they are super easy to skin. Your neighbors will appreciate it.

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