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eastman magizine

the informatione for members only section in this magizine,does it tell a lot of usful information for 1st time hunters?
was thinking of subscribing to this mag.
any thoiughts on this.
gary b

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eastman magizine

Gary, IMO Eastman magazines are very informative and educational. The member sections is great for assisting in draw systems and sharing information on good draw areas. They also have some great hunting books on the market.

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eastman magizine

I agree with Hiker- great publication. By the way, Eastman's offers a free 3 issue trial, if you want to check it out.

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eastman magizine

I live in NY and became interested in western hunting a few years ago.Eastman's magazine,books and dvds have been extremely helpful and informative.I would highly recomend them.

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eastman magizine

I have grown up eating and sleeping Eastman books,magizines, and videos. I have worn out 3 of the "old" Eastman videos. Most were on hunting the high country for sheep when Mike was a kid like my self. Mostly Alaska and some Canadian Rockies for Stone sheep. Man what I wouldn't give to go back to those times. I have prolly learned more from those videos then anything else. Fair chase hunting is the way to go. Yes