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Eastern Shore Sika whitetail hunt Oct?

Date has not been set on this one but we are leaning hard towards the second to third week of October to catch the rutting action with archery gear.

So far its me and one of my buddies going we need to get two other hunters along to get the camp exclusively.

Several of my friends in Maryland talked them up quite a bit and from what I understand they are some super fine eating. I just got a line on a new commercial venture thats opening its 1000 acres of private land this season for the first time. The video and reports from the area are very enticing. They are offerring a 3 day hunt lodging at a real nice estate, 1 sika stag and 2 whitetails for 750. Sounding like a potentially great opportunity for some new species hunting and another crack at prime Md private land whitetails. Me and the Lone Yelpa are thinking about doing it but figured some Sika research was in order first.

This is the place the hunt is happening
Ransome's Retreat / Close Guide Service

Heres a shot of the lodge. Clic the picture and you can see alot more on the accomidations. I am thinking a good sika roast cooked on the patio and a little extracurricular waterfowling.

Ransome's Retreat

You guys are going to figure out real quick like that I am kinda pumped about the potential for great trophies on this hunt here. The Sikas are plentiful and theres alot of nice stags. Population is stated 80 % Sika 20 % Whitetails with an excellent adult population on both counts.

This is a spotted variety

He just looks like an arrow would fit him well. They do bugle and Ronnie says it in this mid to late October period that they really go nuts fighting and bugeling. The terrain is perfect for some ground hunting with the bow...... stick bow that is. Wink

These whitetails are called nice ones by Ronnie as well. So when he tells me the private land has some very nice whitetails my eyes kinda perk considering his standards.

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Eastern Shore Sika whitetail hunt Oct?

Hey Hoss. Sounds pretty nice. I do some Goose hunting in maryland. and am interested if yall are still looking for one or two to join. Let me know what ya think.

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Eastern Shore Sika whitetail hunt Oct?

Definately interested in having you come along Lil Swamp .

PM me for details.

Meanwhile just got these stills in. I also got a 15 minute video in I will try and capture some of it and get it on the net this week. If the hunt is half of what the video shows it will be a great one. This has been a private family retreat for many decades. This will be the first commercial hunt on it . Im expecting some good things to happen.

Heres some stills . All game was taken at Ransome's Pretty nice whitetails in there if I do say so myself.

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Eastern Shore Sika whitetail hunt Oct?

I have considered that hunt a few times myself. It is only a few hours drive from home and a different trophy to go after. Good luck with it and if you dont mind.....PM me with the info too.

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