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eastern plains md/wt hunt?

Anybody know some good public land hunting out in these areas. Heard there are some big white tail and mulees. im close to the area and want to take my son to kill his first buck. hopefully.

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eastern plains md/wt hunt?

Me again cool . Commanchee National Grasslands out by La Junta has public land access and can hold some big bucks. You usually need a few preference points to pull a tag East of I-25. At least three I think. Again if you have private to hunt less points needed and more opportunities. But, Eastern Colo. is getting a rep for big Mulie and Whitetail bucks so the ranchers are charging high dollars to hunt it. Oh forgot may want to research some of the ranching for wildlife access out east as well. I know they have it for bird hunting and maybe for deer if you draw a tag as well.

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eastern plains md/wt hunt?

Try to narrow it down a little and maybe I could try & help.

Too big an area to try and generalize. I just spent a week and put 2500miles on the truck this past weekend in southeastern CO.

I suppose in general:

Northern plains:
Little public lands and pref points needed for the decent areas with public access (i.e.. along the platte riv) If hunting does you might have decent luck trying to get a tag.

Southern plains!
WOW! I think I went everywhere, but surely just scratched the surface. I wore out the walk-in access areas for pronghorn and I will admit that most all held bucks and some amazingly huge ones at that!

Now as far as deer go, I would wager the white tail to be extrememly limited on any public grounds due to the dry desert climate in most areas and very little public land along the watersheds. Muley however are known in the area and some of the canyon lands in the most southeastern sections will hold mulies and some record breakers at that.

All that aside, I did run into the biggest whitetail I have ever personally seen while driving at night on my way back to the La Junta area. Though again, it wasn't all that far from the river and pretty sure it was on private lands.

I myself have a whitetail tag for 143, 144 & 14 but after the trip may eat it or try and see the DOW for a trade in or something. Unless I find someone to let me hunt private even if it costs some trespass fee.

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