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Eastern Europe. Wild boar, Elk, Deer hunting in Belarus!

Hello, Dear hunters!
Welcome to hunting in Belarus!
Our country have lush forests, rich hoofed game animals, including wonderful trophy males.This are Wild Boar, Elk, Red Deer, European Roe Deer and even European Bison. And also we can offer hunting for fur (fox, hare, beaver, etc.) and game-bird (duck, goose, woodcock, grouse, blackcock, partridge).
Terms of hunting:
- for Elk and Red Deer in September - December
- for European Roe Deer in May - December
- for game-bird April-May, August - November.
Book a hunting tour in advance.
Wild boar hunting in Belarus is all year round.
Welcom to wild boar hunting on tower now!

You find cheap hunting in Belarus. We (our travel company) organize hunting tours in 50 hunting estates in all regions.

- Organization of hunting tour - 65 € (for group from 2 and more hunters)
- Permission for import and export of firearms and ammunition - 35 € for each weapon
- Accommodation in comfortable wooden lodge with all conveniences and equipped kitchen ~ 30 € per person per night
- Meals ~ 30 € per person per day
- Veterinary certificate ~ 65 €
- Making hunt ~ 60 € per day
- Hunting trophy preparation ~ 20 €
- Wild boar with tusk length 130-140 mm ~ 160 €
        - tusk length 140-160 mm ~ 200-276 €
        - tusk length 160-190 mm ~ 310-440 €
        - tusk length 190-200 mm ~ 550-577 €
        - tusk length 200 mm and more ~ 600 € +10(per 1mm)

Total price of wild boar hunting tour (3 days residence and meals, documents, 2 days hunting, 1 trophy with tusk length 130-140 mm) ~ 615 € per hunter. Price is a little different from estate to estate.
Tour price does not include health insurance, visa, travel.

You find Other prices on our website.
Contact us: and +375 29 190-32-16, +375 17 213-31-28
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