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Eastern Canadian Outfitters?

Anyone have any experience with Eastern Canadian Outfitters in Quebec? I'm interested in scheduling a black bear hunt with them and would like to see if anyone has dealt with them before.

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Eastern canadian outfitters Newfoundland?

Just curious to were in Eastern Canada you're scheduling to go. I myself have never been down there but for that price i don't see why you wouldn't have a blast lol. The cabins look roomy, I suggest you bring  a friend or two though.

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Can't help you as I'm not familiar with them. Good luck!

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Quebec Bear hunt

Hi NYhuntR, Welcome to the forum. I've been hunting with the same outfitter in Quebec every spring for over ten years. I have never come home without a bruin. All have been boars, six have been 300lbs. or larger on our Cabelas scale. My son joined me last year and the year before and he enjoyed the same success. You can go to the black bear forum and check out some of the threads I have added. There are some good photos and stories from the past couple springs. Where are you in NY? I live near Seneca Lake in Himrod NY. Private message me if you want some info on where we go.  Kevin

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spring black bear hunting Club mekoos , Qc , Canada

I recently went to Club mekoos for spring black bear hunting with a friend    and was pretty impressed ! Very good team , a young guide but he  was very good  and friendly .  Both of us never had Killed a bear  and were dreaming of it . We choosed the Club mekoos because their website said they had 100% succed out of the last 5 years .   Once we got there , they gave us our room .   Afther the meal we went to the trainning spot and both shot pretty bulleyes . First day of hunting was pretty good  , I refussed a good sized bear ( around 175-200 pounds ) and my friend shot a normal sized one  altho he tought he shot a 300 + his bear was 168 . I refused mine since on camera the guide showed us their were planty of big sized one .  I ended shooting a 290 later on the week and enjoyed every single moment we spent there .  You can visit hem at

Black Bear Hunting - Mekoos Outfitters    this is their english website I think they are remaking it while their french website is brand new http://www.mekoos.com/chasse_ours.html

you can visit their facebook for photos  @ club mekoos  http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Club-Mekoos/128069307221113


I hope this help  will help you ... you can send me private message if you would like more info



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A qualified professional

A qualified professional hunting guide may be the choice option for the urban hunter with little time to scout and investigate hunting prospects. When attempting to hunt unfamiliar territory, a guide can make the difference between a good and a bad hunt. Unless you have thorough knowledge of the land you wish to hunt, you might spend unfruitful days in the bush without the help of a guide 

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Are you fixed on just Quebec

Are you fixed on just Quebec or just wondering if its good? Ontario seems to be the place to go. There is lots of good outfitters and the bears are massive in the southern part of the province were the agriculture meets. That area is tough to get an outfitter though. The outfitter in that area has bears exceeding 600 lbs and some bigger. If you can find an outfitter in the south western part of quebec near the ag land id go there.

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I recently returned home after two days of a six-day hunt at Eastern Canadian Outfitters in Mer Bleue, Quebec, CAN. I left early because I was totally disappointed. The owner and I spoke at length about my hunt, with stands on high ridges in acorns or beechnuts. He knew I was a serious buck hunter, no does or small bucks, and I would only come if I could hunt high in nuts. I called two weeks prior to leaving home and was told there are nuts falling like crazy. When I got there I was not permitted to hunt any nut areas, nor any high ridges! A man is only as good as his word so be careful with this outfitter. I lost my money and my valuable time. RJ

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