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Early Wyoming Mule Deer

Hello everyone, I have been tasked with the bulk of the planning for a Mule deer hunt for me and a couple buddies. We would like to do the early season option that opens October first. We all work in a hospital and getting time off together is hard it looks like we could all get vacation 10/1 to 10/10. Doing some research it looks like there are only two real options in Wyoming that would let us hunt this time period; i.e. tag and public land availability. General M and hunt zone 164 is an option as well as General F and hunt zone 105 or 106 is an option. I have read many bad things about zone 164 so I am concerned about that option; comparatively I have read many great things about zone 105 and 106 but they are all about late season options. If you guys could do either of these hunts which would you pick? Or are we wasting our time going out that part of the year and should just try to make the second half of October work for us? On a side note none of us have ever hunted mule deer. We are all in our mid-twenties in good shape and have tons of hunting experience successfully chasing whitetail in Minnesota; and, believe we are up to the challenge of hunting mulies in your great state. Thanks for all of the advice!