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early spring scouting

looking for some advice im new to the midwest and to northern wisconsin. i moved here from the hudson river valley of new york where apple farms and and other delicous fruit for the deer to eat is virtually around every corner. to make a long story short i now am living in the northwoods where there is virtually no farm land. my problem is ive never hunted big woods deer before and i really dont know where to start i used to hunting areas where the trails,food sources, and even the bedding areas are pretty easy to identify where as here the deer just seem to wander through the woods. now i know scouting is an intrical part to success and you need to identify food sources and beeding areas but the areeas i now hunt all look the same and its a heavily logged area in general and the big mature oaks all get logged. please help me i hunted for three moths this past season and seen only two little bucks nowhere near within bow range and a few does here and there. Brick Wall,)

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early spring scouting

Look for the Hardwood timber,... and seek out the mighty Oaks and the acorns that fall from them. Whitetails are like any other critter,.. food water and sleeping areas. You'll need to establish these areas to be successful.

Most whitetails will try to find a high point like a small ridge for bedding areas where they can establish a view in the distance. This way they can see danger as it approaches. If you can't locate anything up high you'll have to find tight cover,.. thick pockets of pines that they like to bed down under especially during heavy snows,.. swamp areas also. You find the thickest, most snarled mess of brushy areas possible and you'll find some covered in there as well.

Seeing your in a new area,.. you'll have to pack that day pack and do some strolls through the woods. Find your self some deer runs and see which direction they are traveling and walk along side it to see where it takes you. Find an area where a couple 2 or 3 tie together and you've found yourself a spot to setup a blind or a tree stand. Check the prevailing winds and take notice which direction they go and set yourself up with the wind in your face and park it there for the afternoon. Keep a watch at that junction area and I'd bet you'll see deer traversing it in the late afternoon /early evening going in one direction or the other.

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early spring scouting

Welcome to Wisconsin, The land of ice and snow. If you don't mind me asking what part of Wisconsin are you living in? How far north. Maybe can get better info for that area then.

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