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Early season weather

I am starting my planning for an archery hunt in CO this fall we are looking at the area 44 or 45 we plan to start in the high country in the wilderness areas.  What kind of weather should i expect the first 2-3 weeks of september?  Snow, cold, hot not sure what to expect but want to start now if there is gear i need to get.  We are planning on backpacking in if we have water filter straws is water safe enough to drink then?  Any other tips for first timers?

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You named it.  There can be

You named it.  There can be rain, snow, and heat and that is all in one day.  I have seen it snow 6" the first week of September and then be 80 degrees the next.  Along with raining every day from all day to a hour or so.  At 10,000' you just never know, you need to go prepared for the worst that can happen and hope for the best.

Most of the water is fairly safe to drink but any kind of filtering system will not hurt.  I would even think about a pump filtering system that goes into your backpack.  That way you can filter a couple of quarts and not have to worry about it. 

What access point are you considering? 

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Not sure yet have been

Not sure yet have been reading up a ton online maybe around the hardscrabble area or maybe the Holy Cross area.  Have a ton of homework to do still since its our first elk trip ever.





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Filter the water to be safe.

Filter the water to be safe. You never know.

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