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Early planning stages...any advice is very welcome


I'm new to the forum- just discovered it after a search actually.

I'm in the early stages of planning a caribou hunt.

A condition I have to weight into the planning is that I'll need to go in August as I'm a teacher. I understand this is possible but less than optimal.

I have seen many prices quoted and spoken to a few outfitters at a recent show here in Michigan- but those who have gone have warned me that unexpeted costs will come up.

I would like to bring meat home but don't have any interest in a mount, so can take that off the cost.

Anyway, any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time.


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Early planning stages...any advice is very welcome

welcome to BGH Brent,never hunted caribou befor,would like to someday.lots of good people here,you will find them very helpful.good luck Thumbs up

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Early planning stages...any advice is very welcome

Hey Brent
Welcome to BGH.
Where are you looking at hunting, East or West? What species of Bou?

Looking for other cost's incured besides the outfitter? Make sure the hunting licence and tag are included in the outfitters price. If the season is open when you go and the outfitter is ok with it, you may want to pick up a bear tag also. That will run you about $250 in Quebec. Decide if you want to bring your own food or have the outfitter supply (if it is an option). Bringing your own food and cooking for yourselfs is cheaper but if you have a floatplanr ride via the outfitter you will have a weight restriction per person (usualy 100 lbs per hunter, and you get charged $ per pound over that weight).

Items you may want to get for the trip. You are going in Aug. I highly recomend a bug jacket, the black flys in N/E Canada drink Deet for breakfast (and it makes them mean). A good pair of waterproof 8 or 10 power binocks.
Good rain gear (it will rain). A new gun, (any excuse to get another gun Yes )

There will be your firearms import fee for taking a gun across the border ($50).
There will be an export fee for taking a big game animal back across (dont remember what the price was for Bou?). Then there will be the stuff you pick up for the wife and kids.

These are a few things off the top of my head.

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I Book hunts for a number of reputable guides here in Alaska.
If you are interested in hunting Alaskan Barren Ground caribou I would be more than willing to either discuss it by e-mail or openly on this forum so others can possibly also have thier questions answerd too.
August hunts are available. We also book hunts for a few canadian outfitters if you are interested.
Justin Johnson
Adventures In The Wild

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