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To early and to late.

I am having a hard time with this trail camera thing. I have not used trail cameras all that much until earlier this summer. I purchased two cameras and put them out in a couple of places where I found most of my sheds this past year. I am getting pics of lots of bucks, but all the good bucks are coming in 20-30 mins after legal shooting light. I know you should set up to were you can catch them stagging up before they take the field, but in this particular piece of property there is no place to do that. The deer are coming off adjacent properties that have all the cover, that I can't hunt. The property I am on has very little cover. I am sitting at the end of an overgrown waterway that deer use to enter the field from the south. I don't want to just quit hunting here because there are really good deer using it. They are just showing up early or late. Any advise would help.  

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Don't get discouraged

Don't get discouraged with what your seeing right now on your cams, there habits will start to change as the the season moves on. I don't know your hunting dates but as they start getting hard horned and closer to the rut you may very well see them moving earlier and more frequent. I think the best advice right now is to not put any presser on your spot by going in there to often to check cams, before you know the deer will have patterned you and if there is a big buck in there your giving him a reason to go totally nocturnal.

Good luck

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you, my friend, need to hunt

you, my friend, need to hunt the pre-rut.

i hunted property that sounds just like that. the best thing you can do is forego the early season but throw out a couple bags of horse sweet feed (if you live in kansas like your name suggests, this is fine.) after a while, the feed will be gone, but wheat and oats will begin to sprout up by your spot. this will draw them in while all the other grasses are browning up.

you will also find that during the rut, these bucks will still be nearly nocturnal and you'll need a fair bit of luck to catch one off guard.

use the weather to your advantage, hunt after a storm front comes in. after a rain or snow comes, they sit tight for a while. if you can find a nice warm day after a front, that's when i would choose. you have to play everything to your advantage that you can.


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Kansas sound's like

Kansas sound's like your hunt'n my spot...My spot bout 10 acre's in size butt's up to property that i cant hunt or anybody else...I have a feeder on it in hope's of draw'n a HOT doe over with a Hormone Crazed Buck behind her...It'll happen but you just gotta be there...Put as much time as possible in it...

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Yeah I wouldn't worry too

Yeah I wouldn't worry too much about not seeing the big boys in daylight just yet. If your area has good food sources, water, and does, you will eventually start to see them in the daylight. Just figure out what trails those big boys are coming into the food sources on and set yourself back off of these sources and let them come by you as you sit in your stand waiting to put one down!!!!!

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