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Duck Jerky

I absolutely love duck hunting.  Having ducks dump into a decoy spread out of a fog bank or snow squall can't be beat.  Sneaking up on a bunch of mallards in a backwater pool of a creek can be as fun as sneaking up on a mule deer.  BUT, I just can't bring myself to really like to eat the things.  Most often they are eaten out of obligation - I killed it so I eat it.  Usually alone cuz I can't talk the kids into eating them and the wife eats only enough to humor me.  I've cooked them a dozen ways, had them cooked by pro's; they were alright but never really something I'd pick out of a wild game buffet line.  Admit it, how many times has a buddy offered to give you some ducks & you scramble to come up with an excuse to refuse nicely.

That's until I made up a batch of jerky out of a bunch of mallards.  Sliced 3/8 inch thick, marinated over night (I like a little bourbon in the marinade) then put on the dehydrator until dry but not brittle.  Couldn't keep the kids out of the stuff - had to stash some where they couldn't find it just so I could have some to taste. 

If you have a bunch of ducks in the freezer, give jerky a try & let me know what you think.  And if you have a can't be beat recipe for duck, post it.  I'm always on the look out for good recipes. 

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me too

I had the exact same experience with geese. 

Here's my oven jerky recipe:


I use this for both venison and goose.


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