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DS' Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt.......

I was able to do an Alaskan Dall sheep hunt this September,......if was the toughest hunt of my life. 10 days in the bush......backpacking in or 15 miles roundtrip...camp on our backs and add sheep to that coming out. A totally grueling experience but the hunt of a lifetime for me. I took a nice ram, unguided, hunting with my brother. The Ram was witha group of 23 rams, and he was the largest. I shot him bedded at 225 yards with a Browning .338 loaded with nosler partitions. We did it the hard way, I know....but is there any other way?

......we are planning a Mountain Goat hunt for 2004. I am eagerly anticipating another successful hunt in the wilds of Alaska!

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DS' Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt.......

Wow, nice sheep. I read in a magazine once that a guy who went hunting in alaska for sheep,In the best physical shape of his life still lose a pound a day! Holy cow/sheep.Im not sure I could survive 15 mile hikes(By the way im 13).

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DS' Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt.......

Yep there is an easier way, but not cheap! I went with Nahanni Butte outfitters last Fall and we flew into our area via helicopter. The helicopter flight was $1000 roundtrip. Saw a band of 6 rams after going over a couple of drainages because wolves kicked the sheep out of the valley. Horseback is another option of getting in and saving your legs for the climb. Some outfitters will pack you in for a nominal fee and then pack you out after a certain number of days. I got a real nice ram at 460 yards after I gave him a few warning shots at 80 yards. Nice 11 1/2 year old full curl non broomed at around 35-36 inches. Hope this helps you out. Being in shape is the number 1 priority though!!

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DS' Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt.......

Nice ram.Congradulations.

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DS' Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunt.......

I thought I"d heard helicopters were illegal transportation for hunters? Man that would make flying in and landing in places a lot easier!

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