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Dryden Ontario - Information Request!

I have been given the opportunity to hunt whitetail deer with an outfitter in this area of Ontario. I have been told that all in our party of 6 will have the opportunity to harvest a buck 150 or bigger, with the potential of a 170-180 being very possible.

This hunt is being provided by two brothers that live there and are good friends with my sons godfather and is exclusively on private land. I am a cheap person when it comes to paying for hunts and have only been on one outfitted hunt, prefer the DIY hunts. BUT the price for this is extremely reasonable and I hate to turn down this hunt for my son and I if this area truely has this type of buck population?

Does anyone out there have any direct information on this area of Ontario? If so do you mind sharing - hopefully helping me to make up my mind!

This is the famous Dryden buck, which they say was not shot to far from where we would be at, but it was shot 10 years ago.


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As a former Dryden resident I can tell you that there is a population problem in the area, way to many deer! do your research of the outfitter, since the dryden buck was shot many fly-by-night operations have fired up. the outfitters that I trust there are few and far between, as I know many of them and how they operate. Lots of guys will bait a few stands and cycle hunters through them steady never letting them rest or cool off. 

on a side note, the dryden buck is not the only monster to come from that area. I am currently writing a few stories for Big Game Illustrateds november issue that come from the Dryden area. 194inch Non typ whitetail, 191inch typ whitetail, and 189 non typ whitetail.

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Thanks for the info, I have

Thanks for the info, I have really just fallen into this hunt and we have decided to go.

Relying on my good friends judgement and I guess if it doesn't work out as hoped, than oh well, I guess that is hunting.

We don't have a lot of money invested either so that is a good thing. All stand hunting, we are hunting the first weekend of season, etc.

When your articles are on the stand please let me know, I would like to read them.