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drunk agin

An Irishman had been drinking at a pub all night. The bartender
Finally said that the bar was closing. So, the Irishman stood up to leave
and Fell fla t on his face.He tried to stand one more time; the same thing
happened. He Figured he'll crawl outside and get some fresh air -- maybe that would sober him up.
Once outside, he stood up and fell on his face again. So he decided to
crawl The four blocks home.Again, he fell on his face.He eventually made it to his home, Crawling through the door and into his bedroom. When he reached his bed, he tried one More time to stand up This time he managed to pull himself upright, but he quickly fell Right into the bed and was sound asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
He was Awakened the next morning to his wife standing over him, shouting, SO YOU'VE BEEN DRINKING AGAIN!" Putting on an innocent look and intent on bluffing it out, he said, "What makes you say that?" His wife responded angrily, "The pub just called.. You left your wheel chair there again!"

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drunk agin

LMAO Good joke for sure!! Thumbs up

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drunk agin

Ha ha Ha,that was a good one!! Laugh

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