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Drought Question?????

   I have never seen this in all my years of hunting. There have been dry times and very wet times. I have even seen a year or two dryer than this one. I have a large oak tree by my house. I have always liked this because I would really notice when the acorns would start dropping. On Monday the 27th of August I saw maybe one or two acorns on the ground. When I walked out of the house on Tuesday, the ground was literally covered with green acorns. So, do you guys think the deer will come off of their summer feeding patterns early to hit the acorns? Will they go back to the fields after they have devoured what acorn crop has fallen? I knew the acorns would be dropping early but this is like 6 weeks early. I never would have thought that. I hope this doesn't mess with my early season hunting too much. I usually take down most of my deer in the early season. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

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probably and yes

Will they come off their summer feeding to eat the acorns...probably; assuming that the premature acorns still have nutrional value and aren't just husks due to the drought;

Will they go back to the crops after the acorns are gone?
Almost certainly. They will go where the food is, whatever it is.

Deer in general need suprisingly little food, quality is usually more important than quantity. They certainly will eat more if its available, but they are extremly efficient at using what is there. The buck I shot last year had a belly FULL of oats; the only "oats" around was a completely combined field about 1/2 mile away: no standing corners, no missed swathes etc...just stubble and whatever grain blew out the back. From that he filled his belly.

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