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Drop camp outfitters for Colorado Wilderness Areas?

Hi All,

I am planning an elk or elk/deer combo hunt for 2007 with 3 friends. We are all out-of-state experienced hunters, though I did live in Denver for about 10 years and did my own hunts in the local hills.

I have read through lots of "drop camp" posts and learned a lot, but my question is a little different, plus I am overwhelmed with information so I thought I would appeal to good 'ol word-of-mouth for recommendations.

We are looking for a drop camp hunt in a remote mountain area. I am thinking most likely in a Wilderness Area, or some other horse/foot accessible and wild region.

We don't have any preference points, and so I am guessing that the most we can expect is a cow hunt, which is fine by us. Nothing like tastey elk steaks to keep the memory of a good hunt alive. Nice mountain scenary would be a plus, too.

After looking at the Colorado hunting statistics and looking up outiffters doing drop camps, I am unable to determine which outfitters do drop camps in Wilderness Areas, not to mention I have no idea which outifitters are reputable, etc. And also I have no idea where would be good places to hunt, or what GMU I can expect to get into without any preference points.

Anyone got any advice, suggestions, recommendations, sources to offer?



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Drop camp outfitters for Colorado Wilderness Areas?

The Colorado Division of Wildlife will be publishing their drawing license booklet very soon.


With that in hand, you can determine which areas will be drawing only. A phone call to the DOW will also tell you what you need to know to sift out the preference point requirments listed in the statistics section of their website. It's complicated. They also publish a preference point issue of "Colorado Outdoors" but it usually comes out very close to the deadline for apps. Many areas are still over the counter for bulls. Most cow tags will require a draw license.

I've never used a drop camp outfitter or any guide for that matter. Before trusting an outfitter to suggest an area to hunt, you should ask yourself why an outfitter/guide would drop camp someone in a unit where he could compete with his higher paying clients. I'd ask for a lot of references before I plunked down much money for a drop camp.

I'm sure there are many, many quality outfitters in Colorado but most of the ones I've encountered haven't had much going for them. I've even caught guides hunting with clients on my place that had absolutely no permission to be there--but the client didn't know that. (They do now)

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Drop camp outfitters for Colorado Wilderness Areas?

What season/unit are you looking at?

Make sure to ask questions (on the various forums) about your potential outfitter.


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