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Drop camp in Colorado unit 23 or 24


5 of us are planning on going to Colorado for the first time. Would like to hunt 1st rifle or 2nd rifle. We are looking at going to a drop camp and would like advice for outfitters in the area. I have talked to a number of them already, but would like advice from somebody other than an outfitter. What can a group reasonably expect for success? We are from Nebraska so we are used to snow and cold. Any advice would be great.

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Drop camp in Colorado unit 23 or 24

If you want to hunt first rifle, be sure you apply for the draw. I think the success rate is about 20%. So your party should be successful.

Advise, wear a good pair of walking boots and be in shape. Elk run up mountains better than you can walk pheasant fields.

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Drop camp in Colorado unit 23 or 24

Roosterhuntin & colts_dude2000, Welcome to BGH!

I'm not sure of a good outfitter in 23 or 24.
I know thathttp://www.huntinfo.comhas some outfitter reviews. You might want to check out some of that info., before you drop some cash. If you decide on a "Do it yourself type of hunt", I'm sure some of us on here can give you some advice, especially if you are open to other areas.

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We hunt in that general vacinity but have never used an outfitter. There's a lot of hunting pressure in that area. If I had to give you some advice it would be to hunt the Flattops. Find an outfitter that can drop you back in the wilderness area on horseback so you can avoid some of the crowds. I have never used them but you might check out Sable Mountain Outfitters. You could also call Fritzlan's guest ranch in Buford and see who Arlene recommends. We do do-it-yourself hunts and the success has been spotty the last few years. Start early and do your homework. Good luck!

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