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Drew My First Archery Antelope Tag!

Through the backdoor way i found out that I drew my Archery antelope tag in unit 88 here in Colorado. After getting a buck with my rifle in 87 last year I have a good idea of what type of land I will be hunting in. I have never actually made it that far east. I was curious though if anyone has hunted here with their rifle and if anyone had any tips or advice on where I should think about looking first? It sounds like my brother Hawkeye270 drew his rifle buck tag in 87 as well so it should be fun fall chasing speed goats!!

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For archery hunting antelope

For archery hunting antelope I would find a water hole that they are using and then set up a blind and kick back and wait. 

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Ditto that.  Archery antelope

Ditto that.  Archery antelope has to be one of the toughest hunts out there.

Considering the can see movement from a mile away, and you need them at 40-50 yards for a bow, you'll need to make them come to you. 

That time of year, it's still pretty hot.  They will be looking for water on a regular basis. As Critter says, put a blind on a water hole and let them work their way towards you.

Good luck!  Should be a fun hunt!

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I have not hunted unit 88

I have not hunted unit 88 before, but I did go to school out there, so I do have some familiarity with the area.  The good news is that there are large numbers of antelope in that area, and they are fairly well dispersed.  The terrain is very similar to what you saw in unit 87.  I would recommend a good map that shows land ownership since the Pawnee National Grasslands are not nearly as continuous as some maps would lead you to believe.  Also, a good set of binoculars atleast and possibly a spotting scope will help considerably. 

As for archery antelope hunting tactics, I am all ears.  I have filled my two previous rifle buck antelope tags, but I can't get my arrows to group very well at 250 yards, so I guess I will have to get a little closer than I have in the past. :lol:   I will be hunting archery antelope this fall in unit 95, which is just south of 88.  It will be my first archery hunt ever.  While I have read that blind hunting archery antelope can be successful, that does not sound like my idea of a good time.  I may change my tune after I have exhausted myself chasing antelope, but in the mean time, I plan on using different variations of spot and stalk. 

Good luck to you and your brother.  I am interested to hear how both hunts turn out, and opening day is only about 2 1/2 months away. 

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