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Drew a CO Moose Tag!

Don't get too excited, it's a cow tag, so won't be putting any antlers up on the wall, but hoping for a freezer full of delicious moose meat! I had 3PP/1WP for this year's draw, and after looking over the draw statistics for a bull tag and the potential amount of years it may take for me to draw, I decided to take a chance on a cow tag this year. A rifle hunt for a cow moose didn't really appeal to me (sometimes see more moose in our elk hunting area than elk), but getting after them with a bow sounded like a challenge, so I applied for the archery season!

I may have bitten off more than i can chew, this will be my first season hunting with a bow. Tag is for GMU 7/8, but will likely hunt mostly in 8. Looking forward to the challenge! Well, gotta go now, need to get to the archery range...


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Re: Drew a CO Moose Tag!

Congrats, should be tons of fun. Keep us updated.

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Re: Drew a CO Moose Tag!

Congrats and good luck!!!

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Re: Drew a CO Moose Tag!

Congrats on your tag. I saw just as many moose as elk in Unit 7 wilderness 1st rifle last year. Good luck to you.

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