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Drew a 3rd season Colorado GMU 41/42/421 Deer

Did some research to see what I could draw without points and got my choice of GMU 41/42/421 Deer. Any advice? This will be our (me and my buddy) first time in this area and know nothing about it. We hunt hard (usually Archery) and plan on packing in with our gear on our backs for 5 days or so. I was looking at the Battlement Mesa area in 42 and 421. Would it be worth getting a OTC Elk Tag?

Also I think I should be expecting some weather. Can someone give me a heads up for that reagon and weather in early November? I live at about 4,000 feet so 8,000 to 10,000 I expect cold and at least a little snow.

Thanks in advance


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Drew a 3rd season Colorado GMU 41/42/421 Deer

An elk tag is always a good idea since you never know what you will get into. Usually if I only have a deer tag I will see elk and vice-versa with an elk tag. As far as weather in November you can expect anything from 70 degree weather and dry to 3 feet of snow at -10. You just never know.

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