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Dream job in outdoors industry

Hello, I usually hang out in the CO forum.

The National Wild Turkey Federation is taking apps for several positions, and I applied for one.  It's probably a shot in the dark but it got me wondering if anybody has ever been lucky enough to land that dream job in the hunting industry.  You know, presentations, hanging out at cabelas and bass pro, making videos, being that guy putting on elk hunting seminars at outdoors shows etc...

Has anybody had a job like that?  What would be your dream job?

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RJ50: The National Wild

RJ50: The National Wild Turkey Federation would be a fine organization to work for in my opinion as would just about any well established outdoor oriented organization. I’m not sure what my dream job in the hunting industry would be.  There would have to be a balance between being out in the field and getting safely in out of the foul weather.  The trouble with most hunting related jobs (besides being exposed to all sorts of outdoor weather related hazards and discomfort) is that most professionals are engaged in the guiding side of the business rather than in the HUNTING side of the business.  So while they get to stalk game and point other people toward the animal, they do not get to harvest the trophy or share in the bounty of eating the game – at least not regularly enough to make me satisfied with that side of operations.  I thoroughly enjoy writing about hunting and field testing gear while I hunt.  But I’m selfish enough that I actually enjoy doing the hunting myself and I’d want to more of it.  I do enjoy the game eradication job, when it involved hunting animals that have made a nuisance of themselves due to over population etc.  So maybe that’s an angle that I could pursue as a dream job in the hunting industry.  Elephant cropper anyone?  Actually I think elephants are too smart to be hunted and I’d feel guilty killing one except in self defense, but that is a  story for another post….

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It would be weird to be

It would be weird to be "working" instead of hunting and just enjoying yourself.  I'm sure those jobs are not as glamorous as we think.  It all probably stems down to retail (bottom line and all).

But the access to prime hunting, free gear, and being around hunting all of the time may outweigh it.

When you test gear, who do you write for?  Are you freelancing?

And (stupid question but I have to ask), do you have to give the gear back?Big smile

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Like any job, there's the

Like any job, there's the "glamourous" and the not so glamourous side.

The trick is in finding a job where the non-glamourous is bearable, and that you wouldn't mind doing if that was the only job in town. Forget the glamour, fame is fleeting.



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