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Dream come true ......

I am very excited to have found this forum and I hope you guys can help me ...Long story short.....I am now 25 years old ...played hockey my whole life ....hunted my whole life ....moved out when i was 16 to play junior hockey....moved to MN on a hockey scholly when I was 19 ....lived down in MN for 6 years until this past July when I moved back to Canada (Leduc, AB) to take a job... since I was a young boy I have dreamed of going on a week long hunting trip with my dad...due to scheduling and hockey it was NEVER possible....we used to get out more often when was younger but once I left home to play hockey we've gotten out maybe 2 times in the past 10 years.....I recently got married and my father-in-law gifted me his camping trailer...now this thing is a beauty ...PERFECT for a hunting trip....Now mom and dad live in Kelowna and I live in LEduc so Valemount BC is going to be the meeting point...Neither of us have ever been there before so we are looking for some help. Dad has gotten the hunter accompany permit and everything is good to go on that end...we can hunt areas 7-2, 7-3 and 7-4 ..We will be hunting for Whitetails and Mulies....SO please any info of the area would be most appreciated ..ETA is Nov 7 late and we will be hunting until Nov 11th ....I have yet to shoot my first deer and dad hasnt shot one in a long time being that his hunting buddy has been playing hockey all over the place...I hope the season has been treating everyone well and I can't wait for the trip



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Dream come true ......

Wish I could help you but I'm not familiar with the area. Good luck!