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I have played the points game

I have played the points game every year for most of my hunitng life. I just drew the unit 10 elk tag with 17 points but as I've said I will never start down that road again. Every in state hunt from now on I will be looking for the 5 points or less units as I know there are some good ones. The only one that will always take awhile anymore is antelope but thats okay as with a 4 hour drive I hunt them every year in Wyoming. I am not really a trophy hunter but getting to go on one of these special hunts every so often is great and adds to the excitement of it all. I am very happy hunting in my home unit and for the most part taking average to even small bucks. But all of us like to try something new or dream of that big one that these limited tags give us a better opportunity at.

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I really like the way Oregons

I really like the way Oregons draw system works, it take 75% of the tag and puts them in the pool with people who have max points, then with the remaining 25% puts them in a pool with everyone else to draw, so EVERYONE has a small chance at drawing a good tag every year. I have had people with less points then me draw a tag we both put in for but thats just the luck of the draw, having this hybrid system has seemed to level the playing feild and slow down the point creep, atleast here in oregon.

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No wonder I have a constant neck strain from Dec-April each year

I am about a wishy washy as they get! Some years I play the PP game with 1st choice, and others I shoot for the moon with me fewer points than previously required! Paid off last year though! I only had 4pp, and put in for a hunt that previously took a minimum of 5pp.

Last year though, not as many put in for the hunt as the previous year, and not near as many with any amounts of pref point! Thus I drew with 4, and looking at the statistics, several even drew with 3! So, then FOR LAST YEAR the minimum pref points required was only 3! Yes, dropped two pref points in one year! ...meaning, don't be fooled!! ...the minimum of pref points required is not really true and shouldn't be considered in the year in which you are currently drawing! That number is a historical number, and really has NOTHING to do with the draw you are entering the follwing year! It all depends on the number of hunters, and their pref points that year! ....Another example would be the deer hunt I am taking this year! Two years ago it took a minumum PP of 2, this year I drew it with a 1st choice and no pref points!


I am like Ex in a lot of ways! Though I normally try and hunt elk in the same general locals, they were cut so drastically this year, that I will be looking elsewhere for a couple of years until the herd adjusts accordingly, and the tags are re-allocated once again. Has nothing to do with trophy hunting either, it is about numbers of elk and/or numbers of tags! (i.e...I am not drawing the areas 7,8,etc, etc... tags as there are no elk there, and won't be for a few more years) Some areas are not more points because of trophy potential, some are higher points for quality hunting and apportunity for success!


I normally hunt other species in different areas whenever possible so I can learn more about this great state of Colorado, and by doing so I found what I consider honey holes, that obviously, by the number of tags and hunters drawing for them, are still hidden jewels! ...so I guess I had better shut up now!

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