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Drawing a Elk Tag Montana

I am in the process of planning a hunt in Winnett, Montana for 2006.....I have a cousin who lives their and we are confused about the draw ,since he is a resident and I am a Non resident.....We want to hunt together and would like to both have a bull elk tag.....I hear the odds of even getting a tag are slim to none ....about 10% for a non resident....not sure of the resident......since he doesn't own the manditory 160 acres for the landowner sponserd tag I think we are out of luck.....? unless we can purchase a tag from an outfitter...and I am not even sure that we can ?

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Drawing a Elk Tag Montana

You will have a slim chance of drawing in the areas near Winnett for rifle season - I believe the odds are less than 10% for a resident and non-residents are only allowed a maximum of 10% of the total tags available - which for that area is very limited. Many of the areas there are unlimited draw for a resident archery tag. The drawing success ratio from past years and the number of tags, etc. is available on Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks website under Hunting. I have drawn one elk tag in that area ib 25 years of applications.

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