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Draw Weight Issues with New Bow

Recently bought my first bow, a pre-owned but virtually new PSE Bow Madness. After shooting numerous bows at shops, liked this bow the best within my budget limit. Ended up buyong the bow from an aquiantance, not a store or pro shop. When I shot this bow model at a shop, was told the one I was shooting was set up at 55# DW. Didn't have a lot of trouble getting this to full draw. The bow i bought has limbs for 60-70# DW. Thought I would be fine at this DW range, especially the lower end, but have not found this to be the case. My bow was initially set at 65# and i could barely get it drawn. I bottomed out the limb bolts to theoretically set it to 70#, then backed each bolt out 5 full turns to theoretically be at 60#. Made things a little easier, but i am still fatigued after 3-4 shots to the point that i have to quit (or risk back strains that would keep from shooting the next day or two). Needless to say, hard to get any consistent practice in this way and I feel "over-bowed".

Guess my question is, should i stick with the DW I'm currently at, and just slowly try to work into more and more shots as my back muscles develop, or should i bite the bullet and replace my limbs with 50-60# limbs? i hate to drop the extra $$ for new limbs, but also want to be practicing more frequently.

Any thoughts or suggestions welcome, thanks in advance.

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Re: Draw Weight Issues with New Bow

My thought is depending on how tough it is to pull the bow now, you may risk injury trying to build up to be able to pull it comfortably.In that case it makes sense to buy the new limbs.

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Re: Draw Weight Issues with New Bow

My wife shoots the bow madness @ 44 lbs and blast through deer and hogs like they weren't there. I'd say that if it is taxing at all go with the lower draw weight limbs. The 50 lb limbs should max out @ 50-53 lbs depening on the twist if you ever want to go up.
40-50 pounds is way plenty for anything you'll find on this continent. Good luck.

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