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Down loading .300 win mag ? Hornady Classic kit ?

Would it be possible to down load a .300 win mag load to .270 recoil ? How about 30-06 ? Would this be okay in recoil for younger shooters ? Does the Hornady classic kit come with everything you need for reloading ? If not what accessories would I have to buy ?

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Just about any of the

Just about any of the reloading kits that the major manufactures offer will come with everything that you need except for dies and a shell holder of the round that you wish to reload for.  I don't like the Hornady press just because you will need to purchase extra die sleeves for the other cartridges that you plan on reloading for where RCBS all you need to do is screw the die into the press and set the locking ring with the setscrew once you have everything adjusted.  I guess that it is just personal preference.  Also on their powder dispenser you need to purchase extra powder sleeves for it but I am not sure on that one. 

You can download any cartridge out there to a lower power level if you can't tolerate the higher power rounds, but then why did you purchase a magnum rifle if you don't want to shoot magnum loads out of it unless you plan on working up to the magnum loads. 

I would suggest that you purchase a separate reloading manual and read it.  If you are set on getting the Hornady kit then buy a Nosler, Barnes, Sierra, or Speer loading manual.  They all will give you loading data for high power load and reduced loads and each one of them has great information in them.  Then as you go along you can purchase more of them.  I personally have around 10 manuals and refer to all of them often. 

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