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Double header

My hunting partner and I went out for our first turkey hunt of the seasion.
We got to the property that we are alowed to hunt at about 5:15 am and sliped over the hill and did our first set up. At about 5:45 we herd our first gobble so I called back using a box call and the gobbles continued ,but they wern't getting closer. My friend looks over at me and we dicide to move closer. So we make our way through this cedar and hemlock swampy area calling with a mouth call every now and then. Every time I call a tom replies but from a difrent spot. So we set up on the other side of the swamp and start calling again and it isn't to long tillwe see tomms on top of the oak ridge strutting and coming over the hill. Well if five tomms don't come down to about 70 yards but hold up. The tomms stay for about 45 minutes and what a show they put on strutting back and forth , and a pair start putting the spurs to each other fighting and spitting. Well if a hen dosen't show up gives a coupla peeps and the tomms perade out of there like they were on a string gobling all the way but wouldn't come into my call. I tried calling for another half hour but the toms would have no part of it other than gobling back.
My hunting partner could still see one or two toms still struting at the top of the ridge. We decided to belly crawl behind fallen trees and behind rocks allthe way to the top of the ridge. We had it worked out the whatever side we were on that that was the side that we would take our turkey. We took about a half hour to make our way up the ridge and get into place. Three toms went by before we could get our shot off. Two more were coming in and at almost the same time we pulled on them bam two toms down . My friend got one with an eight inch beard and one inch spures that weighed in at 19 LBS and mine had a nine inch beard with almost 1 inch spurs and weighed in at 18LBS. His spures were a nice ivory colour with very sharp black tipps and the spurs on mine were all black and more rounded tips.
Man I till ya the adrinaline was flowing for about 2 hours after that. What a great hunt Thumbs up Thumbs up .
Now I have to go get another tag our seasion ends at the end of May.
Just thought I would share this great hunt
Regards F.K.

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Double header

Congrats on a great hunt

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Re: Double header

good hunt Thumbs up