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Don't know if you have read this but its something to.....

Hey If you can look at yourself at the end of the day and say that was Hunting...Go Ahead but I wouldn't be caught dead on a FENCED in hunting area.
The ANTI's as they are refered to are trying to abolish Hunting, and in my Opinion Hunting on Game farms Is only ammunition for them. If they use Game farms as an exaple of HUNTING in general, They are only going to gain support. Maybe the people who have these big game farms should take the fences down and make some food plots too keep the deer there or bear Or whatever in the area. How do you think that Camps here in Northwestern Ontario do it. Guides are expert in calling moose, ambushing whitetails with Excellent stand placement reading the wind, Finding bear.

I think some of the Hi-Fence operations could learn alot from them.
I to Guide in Ontario.

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Don't know if you have read this but its something to.....

OK...I will never be able to change your mind. I won't try. I would like to point out though that there are also some people (friends of mine) that hunt on preserves for pheasant. Being from NJ they are limited to hunting only on preserves or stocked game lands. Either way the birds are PUT there by the landowners. In Ontario you may have more wild game than you know what to do with but that's not the case here and many other places that people live. If you don't own land and you live in an area where there is no such thing as a wild game bird (no wild game birds anymore) but, hunting with your dog for pheasent is your favorite thing to do.....What do you do? You stock them or go to the preserve. Either way at the end of the day a good time was had by all.

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