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donald trump for presidental canidate

so whats your thoughs on mr,trump runnin for president????????????????

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I'm intrigued, but suspicious.  Back in '99 he was considering running for President and wrote a book: "The America We Deserve."  I'm reading it now.  Ten years later of the stuff he predicted back then have turned out to be eerily prophetic.  In terms of policy, I've found myself agreeing with him on just about everything in the book so far except for one thing...he supports an assault weapons ban.  But he also says he opposes gun controls, so it'd be interesting to see if his opinion has changed after the documented failure of the AWB to do anything.

I like his style.  He's an egomaniac, but unlike Obama he admits it and doesn't try to pretend he's not.  He's also not condescending about it.  His ego is grounded in what he's done...it's not about him personally.  He's very charismatic...probably more sore than Obama because there's something genuine about him that Obama lacks.  He's also extremely patriotic, a HUGE believer in the American Dream, and as president would be America's biggest advocate.  Here's a thought: who would you prefer to be sitting across the table from Iran, North Korea, or China -- Obama or Donald Trump?

One thing's for certain: if Obama and Trump were ever to debate, they could sell it on pay-per-view.  That alone is one reason why they need to destroy Trump at all costs.

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