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you got it...

you never hear about the good things ...we dog hunters have turned in poachers...illegal game violators...people dumping garbage in the woods...
bears killed on the highways...but you never hear that...only the bad stuff...and, like i said before, there's good, law abiding people, that will be that way, no matter what, and there's those, who don't care about any one but themselves.
it's too bad society has got to that point....but i'm sure...that it will get WORSE.

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To dog hunters....

Before I moved to VA in Nov '05 I had never heard of deer hunting with dogs. Up untill this last fall I had never done it before. I had however had run ins with hounds on private lands and federal lands as well where hound hunting was not allowed and yes I did have a couple spoiled hunts because of this.

Anyway I took a friends offer to go and hound hunt with he and his folks in NC. We made a total of 4 stands that day. Right away I saw a running doe way out of range and was excited. By the end of the day I was less than excited yet had a new perspective of the whole hunting with hounds debate.

What turned me on to it was seeing the hounds before the hunt then hearing there barks and being able to remember that bark while a chase was on. I was able to say "I know that dog". Of the deer that got pushed by me one actually had dogs on its heals. All the others had been a good 75+ yards ahead of the pack and came in quietly. One doe even slipped in while I quite litteraly had my pants down.

Now what turned me off was the ethics of a select few in the group. Without hesitation several told me (knowing it was my first trip with hounds) if the deer don't fall in view don't worry the dogs will push another by (I'm sorry but I was taught and I teach my kids the same. That if you have any dought you hit it you search till you can't search anymore).
Let me set the stage here for this next one. The area I was put was a 5 point or better buck only. I had a young spike and a ragged spike/ narly 3 point come in to within 5 feet of me. Given the restriction I passed on them and away they went back in the woods. At the end of that stand I saw that same spike/ 3pt (spike left side 3pt right) dead on the side of the road. I told the guy Istanding over it I had seen the same deer. At that point he and another guy shot it in the head in an attemp to disfigure it and say it was a legal buck but shot at close range. I told my buddies dad who was a hunt club board member and he talked to the hunter and a citation was issued by the GW for killing that deer (as it should be).

That night at the club house while everyone was skinning deer that same hunter made several remarks one of which being a new hunter thats needed to learn an keep his mouth shut. (just so happend to be looking at me while saying it).

While I enjoyed aspects of the hunt I think its all about who you hunt with that matters most. At times that day it sounded like a battle zone with the amount of shots being fired. While I saw allot of deer none of which was legal I never fired a shot. (I did take a doe the night before while still hunting) I would be hard pressed to do it again unless I knew who all was taking part. But atleast I have seen both sides of the issue.

I'm sure I'll hear a few comments from some of you. I already know several of you from other forums and you know me so......

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