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does the primos can call work on mulies?

I have a primos estrus can call and it does work on whitetail during the rut.
Does this can call work on mulies during the rut?


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does the primos can call work on mulies?

Coyote call works on Mulies..I supose anything happening will work if they are interested enough to investigate. I did however use a buck call one time messing with a nice 5x5 and he didnt even act like he cared, brought a fuzz tail right in though that I hadnt seen bedded not for from me.

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does the primos can call work on mulies?

I witnessed my Uncle call in a Mulie buck to within 25 yards with a can call!

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does the primos can call work on mulies?

Yes it works and so does rattling or scraping a tree with an antler

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does the primos can call work on mulies?

According to Fred Eichler it does. In his book "bowhunting western big game" he has a photo and story of a big buck his wife shot with her bow that came in to a can call doe/fawn bleat. 200yards out and came into 25yards for the shot. I plan on trying that and rattling on my Jan. bow hunt here in NM this year.

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does the primos can call work on mulies?

I've seen Mulies respond to a cow elk call...

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does the primos can call work on mulies?

My dad has used his fawn in distress mouth call, for coyotes, on mule deer for years (over 30 years). I bought the primos can for his birthday two years ago and it works every bit as well. Good luck and good hunting!

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does the primos can call work on mulies?

I have got them to stop with a homemade quail call. And a buddy said to take my Hoochie Mama cow call on my next deer hunt ,he's stopped them a few times now with it. I'll try it this year. I've rattled in Blacktails.

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from my observation tha can

from my observation tha can call does not work very well on mule deer but it works really well on white tail, the best i seen from it is when you just get a very short quite bleat from it and dont can very often and every time i try to call them in closer they run so once i get them walking my way i stop and they keep walking untell they get to the spot they think they heard it

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I have wondered that myself.

I have wondered that myself.  I was told at one time that whitetail calls wouldn't work on mule deer.  I believed it from then on, although as I sit here and read through these posts, I'm not sure why I did.  If I'm back out hunting them next year, then I will bring my can call with me and give it a try.  There are plenty of whitetails in the area I normally go, so at least it would be a natural sound to them and nothing out of the blue.

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