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Does - Love/Hate Relationship

Does - the animals you love to hate. I mean I love to eat them and they do attract the bucks, but damn they're so wary and always on alert ready to bust you.

I'm sitting in my stand yesterday morning and here comes the does. Good thing because it means that a buck may be nearby. Problem is they take up residence right under my stand for 15 minutes. Four sets of eyes, four sets of ears. They constantly take turns looking in every direction. I remain motionless, not making a sound looking at them with my peripheral vision for fear of making eye contact for 15 minutes which seems like an eternity.

Finally, a buck comes in and wouldn't you know it. It is a young buck with one antler which only had two points. He grunted and chased after the does who quickly spurned his advances running off.

Couldn't be the bruiser I saw at 6 am before it was light enough to shoot that passed slowly by my stand at 15 yards. Nope it had to be junior.

Still, you've got to love it. Maybe Friday will be the day.

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Does - Love/Hate Relationship

Had the exact same thing happen to me last weekend, only my buck had 5 pts., and added to the set of eyes were about 20 pairs of Turkey eyes getting a birds eye view as the flew to roost all around me Had a buck decoy set up with tarsal scent and estrous set up around me. That little buck was fired up! Tried to take on my decoy and after 20 min. of my decoy not moving he gave up lol Lots of Fun, Can't wait for the weekend. I'm going to be in stand sunup to sun down on Sat. and Sun. Yes

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