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Does bad genetics prevent big racks

Agreed Thumbs up I can't imagine any outdoorsman wanting to end their season so soon. Let the first timers and young hunters have a crack at the young ones. Great way to draw fresh hunters to the great benefits of being in the outdoors.
I read once that a 2.5 yr. old buck is twice as hard to kill as a 1.5 yr. old, and a 3.5 yr. old is 3 times harder to kill than the 2.5 yr. old! The longer that buck lives the more he learns to survive. By the time that buck makes it to 5.5 yrs. he has us patterned better than we have him patterned Yes So It's really not the size of the rack that intrigues me but the out witting of an old wary buck that draws me in. I'd be happier with an old degressing, gnarly rack of an old buck that has eluded hunters from one season to the next Thumbs up