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Does anyone here hunt with a 1 pin fixed sight

Im not gonna lie I get confused kinda easy (NOT, is that a deer or a dog confused), so when it came to a bowsight someone recommended I get a single pin fixed sight. He said I should sight it in at dead on at 20yds and aim a little low for 10yds and a little high for 30yds
I thought he was BS-ing me and he said that some bowhunters hunt with 1 pin, he also recommended for the deers sake that I dont shoot past 30yds 35 the ABBBBSSSOOOLLLLUUUTE most. Im shooting a Bowtech Tribute

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Does anyone here hunt with a 1 pin fixed sight

I do. I used to have like 5 set at ranges from 20yds-60yds. I used most of them only in target shooting (3-D and such). These days I only have 1 pin zeroed at 20yds. The truth is the longest shot I've ever taken on an animal was 34 yards. I just aim a little high if I think the shot I'm taking is farther than 25 yards and I know that my arrow will hit 4 inches low at 30yds with the pin zeroed in the way it is. I guess my opinion is that, for the average bowhunter, it is really kind of irresponsible to try to shoot an animal that's farther than about 30 yards away. If somebody is VERY well practiced and VERY experienced I suppose that's a maybe, but I don't try to do it. Too much can happen in the time it takes an arrow to fly 40, 50, or 60 yards to really make it worth the risk of injuring an loosing game.

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Does anyone here hunt with a 1 pin fixed sight

I shoot a Bowtech Equalizer with one pin set at 20 yards. Knowing the arrow trajectory and using a rangefinder, I can safely stay within my "lethal range".

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Does anyone here hunt with a 1 pin fixed sight

With that Tributes speed (assuming you have it balls to the wall at 70 pounds) the Difference in the pins between 20 and 30 would be so small you wouldnt be able to tell them apart....Assuming you have the proper arrow weights and FOC on your arrows Then there is only a 1/2 inch drop between 20 and 30 yards MAYBE an inch. I know thats how it is with my Patriot. I have a 20, 40, and 50 on it and the 40 and 50 get used for IBO 3D.. From 10 to 30 Just settle your pin normal and you will be fine...shouldnt have to aim any lower or higher. Now thats assuming also on LEVEL shots...If you are gonna be shooting out of a tree stand then Practice from one and get your angles down....Good luck

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fixed pin sight

I purchased a pro hunter sniper bow sight this fall . It has cross blades and a fiber optic red dot in the center and i think it's the best I have used . It's very simple to adjust . It cost $30.00

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Does anyone here hunt with a 1 pin fixed sight

Ditto on the above. I have found that for 99% of the whitetail bowhunting I have done one pin set for roughly 20 yards will easilly get you very acceptable results in typical bowrange. If your shooting a fast bow this just makes that all the more pertinent. My current compound will shoot within 4 inches throughout 15-35 yards. By making it dead zero at 22 yards I can stay within this four inch trajectory and well within the 8 inch vitals of a deer.

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Does anyone here hunt with a 1 pin fixed sight

I also shoot a one pin site on my Slayr.
Ditto to everything except I set my pin at 30 yds and aim a bit low if under 20 yds.

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Does anyone here hunt with a 1 pin fixed sight

One pin all the way. Know your lethal range, practice like you hunt. One pin is simple- I like simple! Less to worry about.


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Does anyone here hunt with a 1 pin fixed sight

I bought the foxfire one pin sight last year and I love it. I've shot one deer and lots of cottontails with it and up to 35 or so yards my pin stays on the animal. I shoot a bowtech justice and I really love it.

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Does anyone here hunt with a 1 pin fixed sight

For whitetail hunting I only use my 20 yard pin. For moose I am sighted to 55 yards.