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Re: 2000 acre enclosure
WAcoyotehunter wrote:
Lets keep in mind that a 2000 acre enclosure is only 1.5 miles across...that's not really enough for a "natural" movement pattern. Whitetails can move a long ways on and off an unfenced area. The fence would make it easier finding, patterning, and hunting game.
I don't think animals from fenced areas should be caounted in the books. Even if the hunt is difficult and the area is large, it's still an artificial enclosure.

I agree. You're still hunting an animal that you know is there. It's only a matter of time before you pattern him. There is no chance he could move out of the area or be killed by a hunter, car, or predator.

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Does anybody know the story?

I agree with Illinois Dave in the wild the deer have many more chances to be killed either by a vehicle, a natural predator or disease which I believe is highly unlikey in a high fence establishment. I also disagree that a food plot is similar to a high fence. I think that there is a big difference in the two. There are many things that could go wrong with a food plot such as inadequate soil, disease, insect or weed infestation. I do agree that food plots are not natural but they serve as a constant food source to not only the wild deer but to turkeys and many other wild animals that roam in the wild. A high fence serves no other purpose to the deer than to keep them trapped in the enclosure. The fence does not aid in the nutrition of other game animals like a food plot does. I do not agree with these high fences but I am not going to tell anyone how to hunt or by what hunting ethics to follow, just stating my opinios.

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Does anybody know the story?


What is the point? How about you answer your own question...here it goes...Why did you spend thousands upon thousands to fence the land?

You nut jobs will be the death of this great sport. You need to reexamine why you hunt.

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Does anybody know the story?

I haven’t been here in a while.
Was a decision ever made on that deer by B&C?

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Does anybody know the story?

I would have liked to see a close up of that deers ears. if it is a Timberghost Ranch deer. It had to have a tag in it's ear.

Reguardless, it's an impressive deer to look at.

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