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i have only hunted once with

i have only hunted once with dogs and when we hunted it was in north western nebraska and we would get horses and let the dogs go and we would just ride around untell we hear the dogs the just follow the noise of the barks and we would get 3-5 coyote a day

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I just found this post and

I just found this post and have to respond to it. In Vt. every year they hold a coypte hunt and there's a few of the guys that use dog's to do it. Each dog has a radio collar and they wait on the roads in thier trucks on passing points on opposit sides off the areas being pushed. They can  tell where the dogs are all the time and when they hear them heading at them they're out of the vehicle and stepping off the road to catch them running across the open areas before the roadways. These are all class 4 roads and out of the way. Dogs work for them.

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missouri has a huge dog club.

missouri has a huge dog club. and coyote hunting with dogs is pretty big there.

i do know that you need to meet someone who does it, that way you learn how to work with the dogs.

i'm a horseman, and all too often i meet people who want to learn to ride, and they think you can just hop on and by telekenesis, the horse knows what you want it to do.

when you try to push a horse on a long-distance ride, you have to learn when it needs to rest, when it needs to drink, and when to stop and let it graze.

there's a learning curve for each animal, since they're all so different. it takes a long time to build a realtionship with an animal, and consequently get it to work for you.

it's best to try it slow, and learn from someone experienced. i'm not that experienced of a houndsman, but i imagine horses and hounds are alike in the ways we interact with them.

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here is kind of how I used to

here is kind of how I used to do back in the day.  Sorry for the language it may be offensive to some.




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