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does anybody have advice for hunting Upper michigan coyotes

I need advice for hunting coyotes in thick cover. what sounds do i use and how to get them to come in during the day. i have been hunting coyotes for 2 years and havent even seen one yet. pleas help me!

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does anybody have advice for hunting Upper michigan coyotes

Thats a pretty broad question but ill see if i can help with some pretty broad advice.
Set up in a place you can see more then just one route. I GENERALLY dont spend more then 30 minutes at a calling station when I call , coyotes can cover and more importanlty hear a call a couple miles away and cover it to investigate from that distance within minutes.

My second broad peice of advise is just because you dont see them doesnt mean they done see you. I have often called yotes in that i didnt see untill they had already spotted me and were heading the other direction and often as not they circled me and was behind me. When i do calling contests my partner is used not only as a shooter but we try to set up so he can cover the rear while i call.

My third peice is make a sound that would give them reason to come it. You arent ever likely to spot a yote without calling them in. Sounds that will gring them in is. Rabbit calls, Crow calls, howlers and yelpers mouse calls ect But there is a method to each and i suggest you get a remote call or at the very least a tape or CD for remote calls and study them. For instance I use a howler to try to get a response on a fresh calling station and then if so which to a yelper to draw younger yotes in, it dont work well with olde yotes. From there i might squeek them in with a mouse squeeker.
Sometimes just a fresh dying rabbit call will bring them in but main advice here is dont over call ESPECIALLY in thickcover. Thick cover yotes are less apt to cover miles then open ranged yotes so youll be calling whats near rather then near and far as with open ground. Calls dont have to be as loud as possible infact otfen times less is more.
For a inexsperiances caller i suggest a mouse squeeker or a remote caller. Both are hard to screw up.
I have even opened the door of my pick up with a call tape in cassette deck and turned the stereo on half way and had yotes come within 100 yards of the truck (snuck around us like i said before) and was sititng down watching us get into the truck to drive away..
There is ALOT of calling advise and articles on the internet of past calling champions and thats where Id start were I you.
Hope it helps

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