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I haven't shot a head of game

I haven't shot a head of game in close to 40 yrs with anything other than a Hornady cup and core bullet. I did get a box of 140gr Nolsers to try in my 6.5x06 and then never used them. But I did kill three elk with the 140gr Hornady in the same rifle! Right now I have some 125gr Noslers loaded in it in thought of maybe trying it on game. I doubt I will. A few weeks ago a friend gave me a box of 140gr Sierra Game Kings in 6.5 and I tried them out a few days ago. Sierra bullets do shoot well. I have not used Serra bullets on game in 40yrs, they were way to soft and distructive for me. But these are called Game Kings and they shoot great in my 6.5x55 so I will probably try them out on a hog if I can find one.

But, I have killed game very well with Hornady bullets in 24 cal, 25 cal,26 cal,28 cal, 30 cal and 338 cal. Never have had an accuracy problem of a bullet failing to preform as I wanted. In my old 7mm Rem Mag all I shot were Speer 160gr Hot Cores, great bullet but not generally as accurate for me in all my rifles. Hornady bullets have never given me any reason to doubt their quality so long as I match the bullet well to the cartridge and place it well. I see no reason to quit on a winner just to try something else. But the Sierra bullet's I have were free and I just happened to need to load some 6.5x55 ammo so gave them a go. I doubt they'll make me run out and buy Sierra bullets. I strongly suspect that if I do my job properly, they will do their's. What I'm not sure about is how distructive they might be. At any rate, though I fool around with different bullets from time to time, I always come home to Hornady when I get serious. Haven't tried their bonded bullets yet and doubt that I will. I'm already shooting thru everything I fire at! What will a bonded bullet gain me?

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