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I just vote against all of

I just vote against all of them.  My thinking is if they are bad judges then enough people will vote against them and vote them out.  If they are a good judge then my vote isn't going to hurt them, but might keep them from getting complacent and secure in their job.

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Blue Book

WesternHunter wrote:

ID Should be required to cast a vote.  You should have to prove citizenship too to cast a vote.  I wish our county and district sent out a booklet with info on all the candidates.  I know nothing about those Judges running for re-election.  They do send out a booklet detailing all the issues on the ballot. 

I know that in my county (Eagle) that they do list the judges in it but realy nothing about them.  But the way that I look at it I vote that they should not be retained just for the prinicpal of it.  I don't think that any one person should  have a lifetime appointment and usually a judge does unless they really screw up and even then they usually get retained. 

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