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Do You Know Your Tracks? (feature article)

April 2010 Feature Article:

Do You Know Your Tracks?

Every game animal leaves its mark; imprints in soft soil, sand or snow. These calling cards reveal a historical presence. New or old, they can be read like a book. Learn to recognize them and you can glean a great deal about the game you're hunting. With practice we cannot only learn to identify the type, size, and sometimes sex of the animal, but also their direction of travel and how old the track is. Read more...

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Re: Do You Know Your Tracks? (feature article)

Knowing your tracks is a good thing,
Last month I had just tilled our garden into a nice black fluff. A few days later we woke up to frost and a set of tracks meandering through the soft dirt.
Notice there was not any frost in the tracks.

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One of the best things I have

One of the best things I have learned from a good hunting buddy is to drive around the section that you are thinking about hunting before ever setting foot in the woods.

If you can't find the tracks of your target animal, there probably isn't any point in hunting there.

It's a bit like using an electronic fish finder to see if there are fish below your boat. You can have all the right tackle and be using the right bait at the right time of the day, but if there are no fish where you are fishing . . . you get the point.

My buddy has taught me that it's far more productive to spend half of the day making sure there are animals where we will hunt than to spend all day hunting where the animals are not. That sounds pretty simple, and it is.

Knowing what tracks to look for is an invaluable part of hunting.

Thanks for this article.


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So Hillside, did you track

So Hillside, did you track down and kill Bigfoot, LOL!!!

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