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I live in Wyoming and anytime

I live in Wyoming and anytime I go out I carry my Smith & Wesson 629 Mountain Gun. It is a bit on the heavy side but I feel much more comfortable when it is on my side. Probably more than I need for the occasional coyote or wolf (yes they are here now too) I see  but if a bear or mountain lion (yes, I have seen THEM too) decides I look like lunch. I want to make the loudest boom I can make as I shoot at them while running at full speed, backward. Of course they'll have trouble catching up to me cause they'll be slipping in the stuff I leave on the ground as I leave the vecinity. Help!

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good story

One time my buddy and I were out on an overnight bivuoc and we packed in pretty damn high in the dense forest of a north facing mountain.  Nearly November, it was cold, windy, and very dry.  We were both out of water and it was much too late in the day to descend a thousand  feet to the last creek to draw water and filter it.  We found a very small pond that was solid ice.  I tried to smash it with rocks, and picked at it with knives, but it was much too thick to break through.

Luckily, my partner had his .45 on his hip.  Three quick shots and he made a hole big enough to dip a bottle down about three inches to the ice cold water.  It saved us a night of dehydration.  I never even though about being in a situation like this until it happened.

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I think about a side arm more

I think about a side arm more for the two legged predators than I do the four legged ones.  Two many crazies out there these days.  The law isn't very clear in KS about being able to conceal carry when bowhunting so I don't do it, but I think if you have a permit you should be able to carry even when hunting.

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I usually carry a sidearm

I usually carry a sidearm with me when I'm in the woods.  When I lived in NW Montana it was usually a .44 Super blackhawk.  Now days, for no particular reason I'll sometimes carry the .44, or a S&W Model 19 .357, or a 1911 .45 acp, or a Ruger Single Six .22.  The .22 is the lightest on my hip but it doesn't blow up things like the .44 mag does.

Years ago I was fishing a back country creek with a friend.  I was carrying my .44 mag and he was carrying his .357 mag.  We stopped for lunch and decided to do a little plinking.  We set up a row of rocks that were about the size of half a house brick.  When we shot them, his .357 would tip the rocks over, but my .44 would smash them into gravel.lol

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