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gun for scouting

I have been looking at the .44 Bulldog in a 2inch barrel , this gun looks like a winner. It is very light and has great knock down power.

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Do you carry a side arm when.........

I always carry I rather be Tried by 12 than carried by 6 anyday.

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Side arm

YOu most be a cop using that old adage Thumbs up , I always tell people that I rather explain a million times over why I feel necessary to carry a gun as to having to explain just one time why I didn't

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Do you carry a side arm when.........

Springfield Armory .45 XD high capacity.

Calling 911 is just a goverment sponsored dial a prayer.

Nobody is going to help you, except you !!!! Be ready.....at all times.

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Re: Do you carry a side arm when.........

I'm in the NM mountians or the sand hills on a horse so I have the rugar 357 and the 22 or 30-30 long gun for my protectiom and the horse.You can find anything in NM.

Got a friend with the Judge and it seams nice for insurance. But anything that goes Bang is good.

Oh yea if BunnySlayer would get a muzzel on that Peloisi thing it would help the rest of the country!!! :\:D/

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Re: Do you carry a side arm when.........

when ever i leave the pavement i usaully have my 870 12 ga and a box of 3"#4 whether im in my own vally or the other end of the state its with me. somtimes my berretta 40, but mainly the shot gun.

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Re: Do you carry a side arm when.........

I am always in bear and lion country when scouting. Sometimes wolves and of course we are always in idiot human country. I like to carry a S&W N frame mountain gun in 44 Mag. If you are going to need it, you are going to need it big. I also like a cross draw holster. Just a personal preference.

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Re: Do you carry a side arm when.........

Well if you are scouting in bear country I prefer the larger weapon. One thing though you must be able to accuratly hit things with it.
I carry a Magnum Research 50 ca. with the with 350 grain and hollow point. What??

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Re: Do you carry a side arm when.........

I'm with Fulldraw. I also carry a S&W 629 Mountain gun .44 mag, 4" barrel. Only had to use it on one elk scouting trip on a friends ranch. A blond color phase came into my camp while I was sleeping and stood against my truck cab and sniffed into a window of my pop-up cabover camper about 12" from my face. Instead of putting a hole in my camper I shined a 1,000,000 candle power light in its eyes and never saw a bear run so fast. An hour later another black bear jumped into my trailer(attached to my truck) and tore up my grill and ATV seat. I tried the light but he started barking at me so I fired a shot into the trailer bed and he flipped backwards off my atv and on the ground, running in the opposite direction of the first bear.
I could hear my buddies dogs barking at the ranch house (about 500 yds away) and him shooting all night at some bears with a shotgun. In the morning...Bears- 1 portable grill, 1 atv seat, 150+ chickens.....Guns-1 trailer bed, 1 pair of stained boxers.

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I never go anywhere without a

I never go anywhere without a firearm on me (except where it is unlawful to do so). When I'm out scouting it is usually my Springfield XD subcompact 40 S&W in OD Green. I'd like to get a .22 revolver though to carry while biggame hunting. I think that would be pretty nifty.

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