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Do you / Can you ?

With all the excitement of collecting the next world record (or freezer meat) everyone head to the mountains, some for the first time, some old hands. What everyone should have in common (BUT DON”T) is a personal Survival Kit, it is great to run to the local sporting goods store and buy one. Now it needs to be opened and you must practice with it. Don’t go out and get lost on the woods, but set up a night in the woods using only what you carry when you hunt.


You will find that a lot of items will need to added and some taken away.


Here is a list of what I carry and it works for me. It’s carried n an Butt Pack

100ft 550-nylon cord (parachute cord)

 4-space blanket  (once opened they will never repack that small)

Military Poncho

Military poncho liner

Waterproof and diamond tip matches in waterproof case

Triox tabs (Old C-ration heat tabs, surplus store)

Fire starting kit


Collapsible plastic container  (2 qt)

Signal minor

Orange surveys tape

Wyoming Saw


It’s about 8 pounds but I can last 2 days (I’ve done it for real)


I do carry a back pack with all my other hunting junk (rope, water, knifes, sharpener)

This I stuff I use for cleaning and removing the animal from the field


Most Important: you can have all the best gear, but you must know how to us it!



M. Brd

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I have pretty much the same

I have pretty much the same type of kit that is in both of the packs that I might grab to head out into the woods.  It is a little bit cramped in the fanny pack but it fits nicely in the day pack.  I have got along for 4 days by my own choosing with what I have in my fanny pack just to see if I could do it. 

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Thats great stuff, Mine is

Thats great stuff, Mine is very similar, I also carry a small first aid kit and needle and waxed dental floss. the floss can be used for bow repairs or sewing up a rip in your pants or shirt and can be used for stitchs for deep cuts, Bout 5 yrs ago my dad cut his finger pretty bad and gave him a vicotin and a shot of whiskey and stitched it up. Once we got back to town he saw a doctor had got fixed up properly but it worked in a pinch.

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Survival Kit... CHECK!

The more I learn about hunting in the west, the more I find myself remembering (or trying to remember) all my years in Boyscouts. My wife and I are relocating to AZ, so as some of you know I've been asking questions and studying and reading everything I can find. When we are young, we never think far enough ahead to realize that the knowlegde that we gain in our youth will be a benefit later in life. The most basic merit badges (Hiking, Backpacking, Orientering, Camping, First Aid) all are the basic skills one needs for hunting  big game. I just find it interesting and exciting.

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nice job I have been hunting

nice job I have been hunting Az for 20yrs 

 last year hunting experince made go and get a bunch of safty equipment

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I prefer a day pack

because you are able to carry a bit more and do it more comfortably. I also like that the day packs that my son and I carry have hydration bladders, so we both carry about 3 liters of water plus 2 unopened water bottles  that we could use for collecting water in the field if necessary. We also carry a well stocked fisrt aid kit and the usual firestarting implements. Waterproof strike anywhere matches magnesium firestarter and some homemade firestarter blocks. MRE's are also standard survival fare in our packs.

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dats some great info.

dats some great info.

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I would include a couple

I would include a couple iodine tabs too. 

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Looks like a good idea, but

Looks like a good idea, but hopefully I won't need one. Stand is 100 yds from the road..... Big smile

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My buddy just told me about a

My buddy just told me about a survival bracelet that sounds pretty neat. You wear it on your wrist but when you need tethering material you can cut it to give you 24 feet of mil spec 550# paracord.

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Great post!

This is a great post if it does nothing more than remind hunters to think safety before and when they are in the field.  I can some of this stuff in my hunting pack but not all of it because I know the areas that I hunt very well and can't get more than a mile or two off of the road without hitting another road (very small archery area).  When I actually do venture out into some new areas, I will be sure to upgrade and enhance my survival gear.

One tip with the MRE's is too break them down and only pack the high-carb items.  No sense in carrying those big ole packages around if there's really no need Thumbs up