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Do we really need a MAGNUM?

I will better reply to this thread after this season because: I have owned and hunted with the 300 WM/the 7mm rem mag/ the 338 WM/the 270WSM and the 7mm WM. This year I purchased a 7mm-08 on a hunch because almost every animal I have killed was within 150yards. With the exception of many animals I have missed at 300+ yards. If I listed EVERY animal I have killed (mostly deer & elk) I would guess the average yardage would come in around 75 Yards (and I live out west). My deer hunting is done in WIDE OPEN country and my elk hunting is done in high intermittent pine forests down to sage. Either I am lucky, or the 300+yard shot is a rarity. For almost every animal I have killed the 7mm-08 probably would have sufficed. And, maybe because it might be more pleaasant to shoot a lot, I may get really GOOD with it-since ammo is relatively easy to come by and cheap. I spent more on ammo for the 7mm WM in 1 month just trying to zeroe it than I will probabaly spend in 2 months playing with the 7mm-08. Maybe I have learned a lesson-maybe not. The verdict is out.
But, I will report to you all after this season is over-and if my hunch is right, I will not need a Magnum-especially if the Hornady Light Magnum ammo works. Maybe when I get older I might need a magnum. But as long as I can continue to spot & Stalk I believe my average distance will remain the same.

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