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Do elk like Bearberry/Kinnikinnick?

Do elk like this stuff? It seems to be everywhere in some of the valleys I walked while scouting/hunting. Or at least its something that looks very similar. Seems like it would be good foriage especially during fall/winter but I've not seen anything that really states if elk like this stuff or not.

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  Here is a web site that


Here is a web site that provides the information you are looking for.  Two links...



Here is what it says...

Kinnikinnick, Bearberry
A mat-forming evergreen shrub producing lovely pink flowers that later turn into red berries.
The berries are consumed by ruffed grouse, band-tailed pigeons, evening grosbeaks, sparrows, and other ground-feeding birds. The flowers attract bees and brown elfin butterflies. The berries are browsed by bears, foxes, and coyotes. The twigs are browsed by deer.

It appears that deer feed on the twigs and other animals on the berries.  It says nothing about elk though.  Did you see a lot of elk sign in the area?  I would guess that if you found a lot of elk skat then I would say yes they do.  If you only found deer skat then I would say no the elk are not eating these plants... and it could only be that they have other food in the area that is abundant.

There are others on this web site though that are far more knowledgeable than I so let's see what they provide to you.




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I saw sign, can't say it was

I saw sign, can't say it was "a lot" as that may be a bit relative but more deer than elk for sure. I had seen similar to what you posted about deer and since elk are in the same 'family' I was thinking it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to think they'd go after this stuff, too.

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Never heard of elk eating

Never heard of elk eating Bearberry or Kinnikinnick. Only thing I know that eats Kinnikinnick are grouse. The info Retired2hunt is pretty good.

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