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Well the political forum has been quiet for a day. Everybody must have been watching the DNC! neener!

So what are your impressions? Obama is a good speaker and sounds so convincing. When you dissect what he has said, you end up realizing that much of his talk is nothing but campaign promises and its unlikely that he can deliver on many or even most of them.

I was impressed with McCain's congratulatory TV ad spot running today. It surprised me.

So, now I wonder how the RNC will do.

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At the range I shoot at there were cards the rangemaster said were printed by the NRA titled:

"Barack Obama's Ten Point Plan To 'Change' The Second Amendment"
1. Ban use of firearms for home defense.
2. Pass Federal laws eliminating your Right-To-Carry.
3. Ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns.
4. Close down 90% of the gun shops in America.
5. Ban rifle amminition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting.
6. Increase federal taxes on guns and ammunition by 500 percent.
7. Restore voting rights for five million convicts inluding those who have been convicted of using a gun to commit a violent crime.
8. Expand the Clinton semi-auto ban to include millions more firearms.
9. Mandate a government-issued license to purchase a firearm.
10. Appoint judges to the U.S. Supreme Court and Federal judiciary who share his views on the Second Amendment.

I copied the exactly as it was printed, word for word, and with the exact same punctuation and capitalization. If true, this is some really scary stuff for gun-owners.

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I would only add to the ten points that..

#11 He plans to henceforth eat his own children and
#12 Sell off the children of America into slavery in Darfur


I watched on public TV and so didn't have to listen to the talking heads tell me what I heard. The list of his goals is also an indicator of what they want to achieve once elected. The house and senate races are looking strongly tilted in one direction. They might well have the mandate to implement some of the policies.

A lot of people gave better speaches than we are used to expecting. Kerry in paticular. Bill was as good as ever but pretty much put to rest any suggestion of splits within the party. Hillary has never been that great a speaker but she did say all the things she was supposed to say.

Michelle and the kids were show stealers, not used to public speaking she put a very human face on the family.

Biden certainly reinforced his rep as a brawler ready to mix it up. Had some good points too. Like that all the experience in the world does no good if you continue to make the absolute worst calls on foreign affairs and your opponent has made the right ones, every time.

The acceptance speach itself was much better than I expected. It was supposed to be a list of policy praposals and he did list them (though mostly already stated and written) He also broke away from his scripted remarks and was maybe best when he did so. It was a very large and enthusiastic crowd.

The initial resonse from the usual suspects was noticably muted. As one republican stratigest put it. Whoever didn't get chosen for the VP slot (on the Repub ticket) must be very happy today. Probably a lot of people updating resumes in DC this morning in anticipation of looking for work with a think tank or mabe getting into the private sector.

The poles are close but I thought I detected a change last week. Some friction within the McCain camp also as to wether to continue the personal attacks. The candidate is getting touchy, doesn't like being walled off from the public and the press. When asked about the current state of the race recently he was seen shaking a rake and shouting, "get off my lawn".

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I'm just glad the DNC is over. I still remember when Hickenlooper said back a couple years ago that the DNC would not inconvenience any business or citizen in Denver in any way. When ya close a major heavily used highway that runs through the middle of the metro area I'd say that people were inconvenienced. I won't complain, but I will say that my commute takes me 33 miles one-way from one end of town to the other all on I-25. That's a total of 66 miles to and from work every day, so when they close the highyway I have to skip out of work 2 hours early.

Overall I really do think Obama is a good speaker, a heck of a lot better than that cartoon character we still have in office, gee anyone can speak publically better than George W. I think Obama does sound convincing, but he doesn't fool me. All presidential candidates promise things that they know they can't deliver. We are all fools if we believe em, no matter if it's a democrat or republican talking the talk.

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One thing for sure the guy brought it to his base fired em em up and probably won over a fair amount of fence sitters. I thought it was powerful and even Billy Kristol neocon #1 thought the repubs should be scared. It truly was a powerful and inspiring speech.

Civet cat, you forgot to add if he wins he will want to start back off in the year zero and call this the United Khmer States. We will all be forced to leave the cities and work in camps in the country and anybody wearing glasses or with dentures will be summarily executed.

Or at least that's what the NRA forgot to add to their flyer.

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DNC=do not care/do not comprehend/do not continue/dare not change

RNC=really nasty convention/really need change

i agree that with all the hot air released someone has to feel better but i would never trust any of those idiots to make any change for the better for me, my family or even the country as a whole.

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Yes the NRA card makes the world look as black and gloomy as possible, even to the point of using scare tactics. All fundraising groups do that so its members will send in money. Imagine the huge response the NRA would get if their fundraising letters said:

Dear Member:

Everything is peachy-keen and we have nothing to fear. There are no threats to our gunrights in the future, but can you send us money anyway?



The bottom line is that Obama is no friend of the gunowner. His voting record is solidly anti-Second Amendment. While the NRA's ten points was a strecth on what Obama will try to do to the gunowner, the basic premise is correct: Obama and the Democratic Party in general is anti-gun. Show me where Obama is any friend of the sportsman or supports the right to keep and bear arms. The sad thing is that McCain is not much better on gun issues. I am not a fan of McCain's either, but given the choice between the two I would have to take him. This makes numerous Presidential elections where I will have to choose the lesser of two evils. The gun issue is very important to me, but it is not my only issue. As for Obama's stands on other issues, I don't agree with most of them either. As for my last choice for President, if Obama isn't atthe bottom of my list, he is darn near there. I wouldn't support this guy no matter what.

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