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DIY - WY - Black Bear!!!

I'm looking at going on a Spring Black Bear hunt in Wyoming! I have checked out alot of the information such as how to buy a tag, where BLM land is, and such....

Does anyone know of a good place around Sinclair, WY to hunt for Black Bear? This is going to be a Spot and Stalk hunt! I have friends that live in the Sinclair area but do not hunt Black Bear!

We are going to be filming this hunt for our Full Exposure Outdoors Webcast/Podcasts and will hopefully be able to outline how to do a DIY WY Black Bear hunt so others can take on the challenge and adventure.

Video link removed, not trying to advertise anything. I just need help planning a hunt!

Would appreciate any help while planning this hunt!


Korey Ferguson
Full Exposure Outdoors

Joined: 12/19/2011
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Also this is not a business

Also this is not a business or spam, I'm just trying to plan a hunt.

I don't get paid for video, and I'm not advertising!

I'm not affilliated with HuntVids.Com that is just where I host my videos!

Would be the same as linking to YouTube!

We don't make any money off of Webcast its purely to share video of our hunts!

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