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DIY mule deer in wyoming unit F

Ok, so my buddies and I all have non resident mule deer tags for wyoming unit F, but we're having trouble deciding between two places to hunt. One place is the shoshone national forest west of Cody, and the other is on BLM land north of thermopolis. I'm in favor of hunting the shoshone becasue I think it will be more enjoyable than camping out in the badlands north of thermopolis, and I've heard good things about the area, but my buddies seem to be stuck on the fact that the area north of thermopolis has higher success rates on the wyoming DOW website. I'm a little skeptical of these success rate data because they say that no bucks were shot last year by residents or non-residents on the shoshone, but like I said, my buddies are taking it like the gospel truth.

Either place we hunt, we were planning on hiking in several miles, and setting up camp to get away from the majority of other hunters.

Has anybody hunted either of these areas? I'm not looking to steal your hotspot, I would just like to get some more info-especially about the cody area. (I have been trying to get ahold of the big game biologist for the area, but it seems like he's never in his office...?)


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DIY mule deer in wyoming unit F

if you are hunting close to the thermopolis it sucks unless you have permssn to hunt privt property we hunted it 2 years ago and it was the worst time i had but there are lots of deer in the area just not much public were all the deer are good luck