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DIY Montana HD 416

A few of us Guys from Washington State are looking to do a DIY hunt for Elk this year in the HD416 unit, around Whit Sulphur Springs Montana. We are focusing around the Lewis and Clark national forest, sheep creek area. Can anybody provide us with some insight into ELK hunting in that area, we are not looking for honey holes ( unless you want to provide them )

We are a group of Firefighters who have been Elk hunting for 20 years. we usually hunt archery but will be hunting with rifles in Montana, we know what to expect and base camp out of a couple of wall tents, then hunt 10 -12 miles a day.

Thanks, Bill

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Re: DIY Montana HD 416

Hunted there one weeked in college, never saw a thing. Doesn't mean there wasn't anything there, but I wasn't getting into them. With the tools I have now, looking back at it I can say elk density is about average for the state (which includes the east, where there aren't a lot of elk), hunter pressure and success are about average. And I rate it #71 out of 140 on my little system.

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